Everything You Need To Know About The HUMAN Healthy Micro Markets Franchise

The latest advancement in the automated retail, vending and foodservice industries is also an incredible opportunity for those who are serious about making healthy food more convenient than junk food.

Micro markets, also spelled “micro-markets” & “micromarkets,” are free-standing, self-serve, unstaffed & cashless convenience stores customized to fit any office space.

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Own a HUMAN Franchise

Want to hear the best thing about healthy micro markets?
They’re free to locations that qualify!

Imagine—a perk that keeps employees engaging in healthful eating habits, increases productivity and gives your office a “cool” factor that can translate into higher retention and the recruiting of key talent…for FREE.

You’re probably thinking—a free healthy micro market sounds great, but will employees actually eat healthy snacks? Watch the video to the right for testimonials from office employees that have HUMAN Healthy Micro Markets.


HUMAN is a leader in this industry having been ranked
“Top 15 Innovative Franchise” by Entrepreneur Magazine

for its innovation in developing healthy micro markets. No other company
in the vending and automated retail industry shares this recognition.

Own a HUMAN Franchise

3 Economic Reasons Businesses Want
Micro Markets Today

1. Increased Productivity.

By providing your employees with access to healthy and delicious meals, snacks and beverages around the clock, employees are less inclined to leave the office to search for food options. If each of your employees worked an extra hour each week—how much money/savings could that generate for your business without any added expense from our service? Eating nutritious foods also directly leads to higher productivity:

  • According to Dr. David Heber, professor of medicine and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, “The brain requires blood glucose, or sugar from food, and it also needs the protein that you find in foods. So when people don’t eat, the No. 1 thing that happens is they become less energetic, less able to think clearly and less able to do their jobs. Productivity will go down when you’re not eating properly and nutrition is very, very important for mental activity and to maintain productivity.”
  • There is a clear connection between what employees eat and their health and productivity. For example, a study of 15,000 people in the U.S. and the U.K. found that employees with poor nutritional balance reported 21% more sick-related absence and 11% lower productivity than healthier colleagues.

2. Talent Recruiting & Retention.

Office culture is key to attracting and retaining employee talent. Employees value healthy micro markets as a premium amenity. Food-related perks are a big deal—just look at what top employers like Facebook and Google offer in terms of food-related perks. You can get the same big-budget perk without the budget.

3. Corporate Wellness.

Corporate wellness programs don’t have to be expensive to provide ROI. Simply by offering healthier food, snacks and beverages to your employees around the clock, you’re showing that you care about employee wellness.

You might be thinking…

what is the difference between a healthy micro market and the traditional vending machines we already have?

HUMAN Healthy Markets

  • Offer a wide variety of affordably healthy food, snacks and drinks
  • Healthier fare prevents employee sugar crashes
  • Convenient, cashless self-checkout
  • No “moving parts” = always in service

  • Employees can pick up, compare & select multiple products

  • Employees can read food labels & ingredients
  • Anything can be sold – sandwiches, salads, fresh produce, coffee… even cough drops

Traditional Vending Machines

  • Offer a limited variety of calorie-heavy and sugar-laden junk food and soda
  • Junk food causes sugar highs and lows
  • Cash-only. Small bills or exact change required
  • Machine breaks down often; frustrating coils get stuck; machine goes “out of order”
  • Food is “locked up” behind plastic

  • Can’t hold product or read its label until purchased
  • Severe limits on what can be sold. Highly processed, preservative-laden “foods” are typical

How Does It Work?

Getting Started with HUMAN’s Healthy Micro Market Program

1) Discovery. Teamwork begins here! HUMAN consults with you to see what your current food situation is, what you’re looking for and what your employees would enjoy. We’ll schedule a site visit and make sure to answer all of your questions. To schedule a free consultation, please click HERE.

2) Recommendations. Based on what we discover together, HUMAN will give you recommendations on what you can do next based on your unique situation (# of employees, office space, food environment, product cost-point that suits employees, etc.).  Whether a Healthy Market, or a HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine, we will make sure it is the right fit for you.

3) Decision. After having reviewed our recommendations and consulting with us on your taste and style preferences, it’s your turn to decide which HUMAN Healthy Market option best suits your office.

4) Installation. Here begins the true start of your culture-boosting, health-increasing, happiness-inducing healthy micro market. Depending on your location and the aesthetics you gravitate toward, HUMAN installs an attached or free-standing healthy micro market in your workplace.

5) Launch. HUMAN works with your administration to kick-off a wellness & marketing campaign centered around the launch of your new healthy micro market to ensure employee integration and investment.

6) Enjoy. Your employees enjoy ultra-convenient access to delicious and nutritious foods while your company creates healthier, happier, and more productive employees that love working for you. It’s a win-win!

Own a HUMAN Franchise