HUMAN Healthy Markets FAQ

H.U.M.A.N. (“Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition”) is an award-winning nutrition platform utilizing healthy vending machines, healthy micro markets and a direct delivery snack service to make healthy food more convenient than junk food. Co-founded in 2008 by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen, HUMAN technology and services can be found in thousands of locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To learn more, please visit our About Us page HERE
A perfect complement to your corporate wellness program, a micro market is a free-standing and unattended mini convenience store that sells healthy foods, including sandwiches and salads, snacks and beverages. Employees can choose the items they’d like to purchase and check out using their fingerprint.
Yes. Please call us for a 15-minute phone consultation to determine what size would best fit your needs. Please see our video response to this question below for additional insight: [Shelby video].
From fresh, locally-sourced sandwiches and salads to premium snacks, smoothies and vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, we place only the most delicious and nutritious products in your micro market. Better yet—we work directly with you and your staff to determine your needs and desires so that everyone is fully invested and taken care of. We’ll even host a free sampling event to get employees on board and their input integrated into the product selection.
Please see our video response to this question below: [Shelby video]
Micro markets are FREE to any location that qualifies.
HUMAN works with each location to incorporate theft deterrence, including cameras (again, all set-up and materials are free to locations).
Please submit your information HERE and we will follow up with a 15-minute consultation to ensure you qualify and to assess your needs.
Micro markets benefit locations by:

  • More productive employees, which generates higher revenue for your business. By providing your employees with access to healthy and delicious meals, snacks and beverages around the clock, employees are less inclined to leave the office to search for food options. If each of your employees worked an extra hour each week—how much money/savings could that generate for your business without any added expense from our service?
  • Complementing your corporate wellness program. Employees who eat healthfully are more productive, energized and happy.
  • Boosting morale & serving as an excellent culture-booster, which can be used as a perk for recruiting and retention purposes.  Small businesses don’t have the budget to compete with the perks and amenities offered by companies like Google and Facebook. With healthy micro markets, there’s no financial investment needed. We simply require a little bit of a company’s time up front to determine its needs and we take it from there.
  • To listen to offices just like yours tell us their candid thoughts on micro market, please visit our testimonial page HERE
To become a micro market owner-operator, you must first become a HUMAN franchisee [click HERE to speak with one of our franchise development experts]. Once you become a HUMAN franchisee, we work with you to secure the best locations for a healthy micro market and assist you in every step of the process.
Yes. To learn more about becoming a HUMAN franchisee, please submit your information HERE and one of our franchise development experts will be in touch to answer all of your questions.
To learn more about becoming a HUMAN franchisee, please submit your information HERE and one of our franchise development experts will be in touch to answer all of your questions.
The cost per item in a micro market varies per location and item. Snacks and beverages sold in a micro market are priced comparably to their counterparts in vending machines. Premium items like sandwiches and salads may start at $5. 
Some of the top-selling products in our micro markets include string cheese, protein drinks, snack bars (like KIND) and fresh sandwiches.
Financial questions like these are best asked while talking to one of our franchise development experts with whom you can connect by submitting your contact information HERE. That said, based on industry data, we know that micro markets make an average of $4,113 per month, with the largest location generating $26,526 per month. Compare that to vending machines, which average $305.04 in sales per month.
HUMAN’s co-founders have been in the vending and automated retail industry since 2003 and have grown HUMAN from a start-up in 2008 to the #1 vending franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. In July 2014, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked HUMAN as one of it “15 Most Innovative Franchises” due to its growth in the micro market industry. Working with HUMAN ensures that the guesswork is taken out of the equation and that your best interest is at heart.