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Healthy Markets for Offices

HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition) is a one-of-a-kind healthy convenience store inside your office that provides delicious, healthier foods for your employees, 24/7

This revolutionary, made-for-offices “Healthy Market” improves employee health, increases

productivity, and slashes health care costs.

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7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Healthy Market

1) Enjoy Convenient Access to Healthy Meals, Drinks & Snacks. Give your employees ultra-convenient “grab and go” access to healthy foods whenever they want.

2) Boost Productivity. When your employees eat healthy, they tend to perform better, work harder, and are more focused. HUMAN Healthy Markets boosts employee productivity.

3) Increase Time At Work. Keep employees onsite longer and reduce the amount of “long lunches.”

4) Enhance Your Image. We replace your boring vending machines with a clean, modern Healthy Market, with no extra work on your part! HUMAN gives your location an extra “hip” vibe that your employees appreciate.

5) Slash Health Care Costs. Healthy eating is proven to lower health insurance costs. Savvy employers today are doing everything they can to lower these costs.

6) Attract and Retain Talent. Attract and retain talented employees who appreciate your commitment to their improved health and well-being.

7) Do the Right Thing. Having a HUMAN Healthy Market is “doing the right thing” and is in your employees’ best interest!

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You might be thinking…

what is the difference between a healthy micro market and the traditional vending machines we already have?

HUMAN Healthy Markets

  • Offer a wide variety of affordably healthy food, snacks and drinks
  • Healthier fare prevents employee sugar crashes
  • Convenient, cashless self-checkout
  • No “moving parts” = always in service

  • Employees can pick up, compare & select multiple products
  • Employees can read food labels & ingredients
  • Anything can be sold – sandwiches, salads, fresh produce, coffee… even cough drops

Traditional Vending Machines

  • Offer a limited variety of calorie-heavy and sugar-laden junk food and soda
  • Junk food causes sugar highs and lows
  • Cash-only. Small bills or exact change required
  • Machine breaks down often; frustrating coils get stuck; machine goes “out of order”
  • Food is “locked up” behind plastic

  • Can’t hold product or read its label until purchased
  • Severe limits on what can be sold. Highly processed, preservative-laden “foods” are typical

How It Works

How The HUMAN Healthy Vending Program Works

1) Discovery. HUMAN consults with you to see what your current food options are, what you’re looking for, and what your employees will enjoy.

2) Recommendations. Based on what we discover together, HUMAN will give you recommendations on what you can do next based on your unique employee needs.

3) Decision. Decide which HUMAN Healthy Market option you want for your office. Whether a market, or a HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine, we’ll run you through some options and our recommendations.

4) Installation. Depending on your location, HUMAN installs an attached or free-standing Healthy Market in your workplace.

5) Launch. HUMAN works with your administration to kick-off a wellness & marketing campaign centered around the launch of your new Healthy Markets program.

6) Enjoy. Your employees enjoy ultra-convenient access to delicious, healthier foods while your company creates healthier, happier, and higher producing employees that love working for you. It’s a win-win!

Get a Healthy Micro Market

Employees Love Our Healthy Snacks, Drinks, and Meals

HUMAN brings the best-tasting healthier products directly TO your employees so they can be healthier, happier, and higher-producing



Top Selling Products in Offices


HUMAN Healthy Markets has a robust catalog of top-selling and delicious healthy products to choose from. Some examples include:

  • Organic Bars
  • Healthy Crackers & Chips
  • Fruit Juice
  • Dried Fruit
  • Vegetarian Snacks
  • Organic Cookies & Treats
  • Flavored Water
  • Natural Smoothies
  • Healthy Meals

Employees are picky! Taste AND nutrition matter when it comes to creating a successful Healthy Markets program at your office.

If it’s healthy, tasty, and people want it, we likely have it. And at the lowest price, too. And remember, we can meet any healthy product-mix requirements based on the pickiest eaters.

Experience. After 10+ years of taste-test research, we know what healthy products sell in offices. Our program is successful because employees love the products we offer.

Selection. With thousands of foods & drinks in our catalog, we offer the largest healthy foods selection in the industry. Employees welcome the the products selection we offer.

Expertise. With a biomedical engineer as our founder and a health advisory board of certified nutritionists, medical doctors, and registered dietitians, we know health.

Customization. Different products work better for different offices. We’ll customize a unique product mix of snacks & drinks to wow your employees.

Pricing. You receive the best prices thanks to our relationships with the nation’s largest natural, organic and sports nutrition distributors. We cut-out the middlemen to save you and your employees money.


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